Bonsai Kits

By Ruth Morgan

When starting out with bonsai many people choose to buy bonsai kits. These provide some basic tools and equipment to get going with caring for your bonsai tree.

The content of bonsai kits varies greatly, depending on the seller. Some kits are solely tool based and include scissors, shears, branch cutter, knob cutter, wire cutter, root hook, coir brush and a case. Here is an example of such a kit.

Another kit might include a scissors, a bonsai book and bonsai feed. Some starter kits provide a bonsai tree which is a few years old, a bonsai pot with drainage hole covers and wire, bonsai soil and some instructions.

It is also common to see Japanese bonsai seed kits for sale. These include seeds of different species of trees along with compost, pots and labels. You then plant the seeds and start on a journey that will take many years before you have a bonsai tree!

If you are a bonsai novice this ‘kit approach’ might seem very appealing – an easy way to get going without too much knowledge. But there are several factors that you should consider before taking this approach.

If you want some hands on experience of styling and caring for bonsai trees then you shouldn’t start with seeds! Get a specimen that is a few years old so that you can start to feed, prune, wire and style your tree.

Before you start to spend money on bonsai trees and bonsai kits, my advice is to invest some time and money in learning some basic facts about bonsai. This investment will pay dividends as you will then be able to give the appropriate care to your bonsai tree.

It will be a much more satisfying learning experience. And you might well discover that you already have most of the basic tools required for bonsai care without purchasing additional tools.

As your knowledge and experience grows you can then decide what particular kit and tools you want to buy.

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