Bonsai Plant Care

By Ruth Morgan

Give your bonsai the right care

People who are relatively new to bonsai usually have many questions about bonsai plant care. Quite often they will have been given a gift – perhaps a juniper bonsai tree or an elm bonsai tree – and they then want to find out about bonsai tree care.

There are lots of resources to help and I often advise people to start by considering the most common mistakes that people make when caring for bonsai trees. If they avoid those mistakes they are off to a great start!

So in this article we’ll discuss a common mistake – not keeping your bonsai in the right location.

Many people think of bonsai trees as houseplants and keep them indoors. Whilst it is possible to keep some tropical species indoors, it should be remembered that trees are designed for the outdoors – that is their natural habitat.

They thrive when they are exposed to seasonal changes of weather. The sun, wind and rain are all important to the tree as is the dormant winter period when the tree does not grow. Some classic outdoor bonsai include juniper, maples and pines.

Depending on the severity of the conditions, the stage of development and the species of tree, outdoor bonsai may require some protection in winter e.g. storage in a garage.

Species that are suitable for indoor growth include Serissa (tree of a thousand stars) and Ficus (fig). With indoor bonsai you will need to ensure that they have plenty of light and the right humidity levels. Avoid placing in draughty conditions.

In order to ensure that your bonsai tree is in the right location I recommend that you carry out some research on your particular species. It is always a great pity when a bonsai tree dies due to the lack of knowledge of its owner. So take advice and ensure that your bonsai gets the right care and thrives.

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