bonsai care

Bonsai Basics

A bonsai is often given as a gift to someone with no previous experience of growing a bonsai tree. That frequently results in internet searches for ‘bonsai basics’. Searching for information on how to care for a bonsai is much better than simply treating it as a houseplant and hoping for the best!
Remember that a bonsai [...]

Bonsai Plant Care

People who are relatively new to bonsai usually have many questions about bonsai plant care. Quite often they will have been given a gift – perhaps a juniper bonsai tree or an elm bonsai tree – and they then want to find out about bonsai tree care.
There are lots of resources to help and I [...]

Bonsai Classes

If you’re interested in learning about how to grow a bonsai tree you should consider attending bonsai classes.
These are an excellent way to get a good grounding in bonsai so that you can grow and style your bonsai tree.
There are bonsai enthusiasts in most continents and they meet in bonsai clubs and societies. They will [...]

Bonsai Nurseries

If you are interested in bonsai, be that as a beginner or a more experienced grower, a visit to a bonsai nursery will be very worthwhile.
These specialist centres have stocks of bonsai trees and bonsai accessories for sale. They are also the places where you can get good advice and answers to any questions you [...]

Bonsai Tips

Growing bonsai trees presents many challenges as well as giving great pleasure and a sense of achievement. There are many aspects to consider and the following bonsai tips will help to ensure that your bonsai trees develop to their full potential.
1. Watering. This is the single most important factor in maintaining healthy, thriving bonsai trees. Lack [...]

Care for Bonsai – Over Centuries!

One way of assessing whether you are giving the right care for bonsai is to apply the test of time. Do the bonsai trees thrive as the years pass or do they wither and die?
And if you want to take this to the extreme you can ask how do you care for a bonsai to [...]

Bonsai Tree Care – Helping Others

A few weeks ago I wrote about how much we can learn about bonsai tree care from other enthusiasts.  They are usually very willing to give advice and encouragement that will help us to make progress on our bonsai journey.
I was reminded about the importance of both accepting and giving advice by an experience I [...]

Bonsai Tree Care in Snow

Currently many countries in the world are experiencing extreme winter weather conditions.  From China to the United Kingdom to the United States severe snow is disrupting normal life.  But what effect does all this snow have on bonsai tree care?
The answer depends on the type of bonsai tree.  Tropical bonsai should be kept indoors during [...]

Advice about growing a bonsai tree

Today I received an email from someone who wanted some advice about growing a bonsai tree. She had just bought her first bonsai tree and had various questions.
The reality is that everyone has lots of questions when they take up bonsai as a hobby.  There’s so much to learn – and not just at the [...]

Caring for Bonsai Trees – Feeding

An important element in caring for bonsai trees is the feeding regime.  Unless bonsai are given the right nutrients at the right time they will not thrive.  Therefore feeding, along with watering, are essential aspects of caring for bonsai trees.
The reason why it is important to feed regularly is that the porous soil used in [...]