Bonsai Inspiration

Bonsai Gallery

It’s fascinating to watch the reaction of people who see a bonsai gallery for the first time. Parents explain to their children that the bonsai trees really are alive and that they are not fake trees.
Cameras are very much in evidence as people try and capture the magic of bonsai trees. There is much discussion about [...]

Bonsai Help

If you’re looking for some bonsai help consider going along to a bonsai event or demonstration. You’ll meet lots of people interested in growing bonsai, many of whom will have been caring for bonsai for many years.
Last weekend the ‘Joy of Bonsai’ event was held in Bath in the U.K. It was a great weekend [...]

Bonsai Information

There are many sources of bonsai information available. These include books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, websites, YouTube videos and bonsai clubs. And this is by no means an exhaustive list!
An internet search will give you a huge choice of resources Рthe challenge for most  people is finding the appropriate information.
For me a great way of [...]

Care for Bonsai – Over Centuries!

One way of assessing whether you are giving the right care for bonsai is to apply the test of time. Do the bonsai trees thrive as the years pass or do they wither and die?
And if you want to take this to the extreme you can ask how do you care for a bonsai to [...]

Bonsai Garden

There is nothing more inspiring for the bonsai enthusiast than to spend time visiting the bonsai garden of a renowned bonsai artist.
In the past that would have meant travelling to the bonsai garden, walking around and experiencing the beauty of the bonsai trees first hand. As a result only a select few were able to [...]

How to grow bonsai – tips from nature

There is no better place to get inspiration for shaping and styling bonsai trees than to take a walk in the great outdoors. Look at the trees – study their shape and form.
Observe the roots, trunk, branches and foliage. See the effect of the elements e.g. can you tell what is the prevailing [...]