bonsai species

Podocarpus bonsai

If you’re looking for a bonsai tree with oriental mystique then consider a Podocarpus bonsai. The common name for Podocarpus macrophyllus is Chinese yew. This is because it originates from China and Japan and its rich dark green foliage is similar to that of yew.
Chinese yew is an evergreen conifer which is slow growing with [...]

Boxwood Bonsai

Boxwood bonsai are not the most popular bonsai trees but have excellent potential. There is an abundance of foliage due to the short distance between leaves and it is easy to encourage the development of buds.
The leaves are an excellent size for bonsai and the roots will often exhibit strong surface growth.
There are many species [...]

Outdoor Bonsai – Pyracantha

If you want a colourful evergreen outdoor bonsai then you should consider Pyracantha. It produces a wonderful display of flowers and berries and provides year round colour.
The leaves are dark green and narrow and contrast with the small white to cream flowers which are abundant in late spring and summer. The flowers form in clusters [...]

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

If you’re looking for an elegant bonsai with brilliant coloured autumn leaves and a graceful structure you need look no further than the Japanese maple bonsai tree.
Acer palmatum is a magnificent specimen and will be admired by your family and friends. It is a popular species with bonsai enthusiasts as it responds well to bonsai [...]

Flowering Bonsai

Flowering bonsai are a firm favourite with many people. The combination of the miniature size of the tree and the brilliant colours of the flowers create a spectacular flowering bonsai tree.
There are many species of flowering bonsai. They include Satsuki Azalea, Cotoneaster, Winter Jasmine, Crab Apple, Flowering Cherry, Wisteria, Serissa, Firethorn, Deciduous Holly, Quince, White [...]

Flowering Bonsai – Serissa

There are many flowering bonsai species but if you want one with a long flowering time then Serissa is ideal. It is also known as ‘Tree of a thousand stars’.
Serissa foetida (or Serissa japonica) produces tiny, white trumpet shaped flowers for long periods of the year. It has small glossy leaves and a twisted and [...]

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai

If you’re looking for a classic bonsai species then look no further than the Japanese Black Pine bonsai. It is a strong, majestic tree that can survive the rugged barren conditions of mountains.
Japanese Black Pine trees (Pinus thunbergii) have many characteristics that make them suitable for bonsai. The bark, which is a charcoal-grey colour, becomes [...]

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Anyone who is new to growing bonsai will not go far wrong with a Chinese elm bonsai tree. Its growth pattern is predictable and it is easy to prune and shape as a bonsai. The broom style is popular but it can also be shaped into most bonsai styles. So it’s an ideal species on [...]

Fukien Tea Bonsai

There are many different types of bonsai, all of which require specific care. Fukien Tea bonsai is no exception.  It is also known as Carmona microphylla or Ehretia buxifolia. Fukien Tea is an evergreen shrub-like plant that is named after the southeastern Chinese province of Fukien (Fuijan) where it originates.
It is a tropical plant and [...]

Juniper Bonsai

Juniper is a popular bonsai tree. There are more than 50 species of this evergreen shrub and they are frequently found on hillsides and mountains.  Some of the classic Japanese juniper bonsai are more than 200 years old.
Juniper is a hardy variety and should be kept outdoors throughout the year.  It can withstand frost and [...]