Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Kits

When starting out with bonsai many people choose to buy bonsai kits. These provide some basic tools and equipment to get going with caring for your bonsai tree.
The content of bonsai kits varies greatly, depending on the seller. Some kits are solely tool based and include scissors, shears, branch cutter, knob cutter, wire cutter, root [...]

Bonsai Wire

One of the essential tools for shaping bonsai trees is bonsai wire. The wiring technique involves coiling wire around the branches and trunks and then bending them to the desired position. Once some growth has taken place the branches will stay in the set position and the wire can then be removed.
Most bonsai will require [...]

Bonsai Tree Tools

People who are relatively new to bonsai often ask ‘What tools do I need to care for my bonsai?’ The good news is that you don’t need that many. The best idea is to start off with the basics and then develop your toolkit as you go along.
Although there is what might appear to be an [...]