Podocarpus bonsai

If you’re looking for a bonsai tree with oriental mystique then consider a Podocarpus bonsai. The common name for Podocarpus macrophyllus is Chinese yew. This is because it originates from China and Japan and its rich dark green foliage is similar to that of yew.
Chinese yew is an evergreen conifer which is slow growing with [...]

Bonsai Gallery

It’s fascinating to watch the reaction of people who see a bonsai gallery for the first time. Parents explain to their children that the bonsai trees really are alive and that they are not fake trees.
Cameras are very much in evidence as people try and capture the magic of bonsai trees. There is much discussion about [...]

Bonsai Seedlings

It takes many years to grow a bonsai tree from seed but it is an immensely satisfying experience. To be able to nurture tiny bonsai seedlings to grow into mature bonsai trees is a real achievement. But it does require a lot of patience!
A few weeks ago I was at my local bonsai club meeting [...]

Bonsai Technique

If you want to grow your own bonsai tree you will need to learn about bonsai technique. To create a miniature ‘tree in a pot’ here are some of the bonsai techniques that will be required.
The bonsai tree will need to be shaped and that is usually achieved by a combination of wiring and pruning.
Wiring [...]

Bonsai Basics

A bonsai is often given as a gift to someone with no previous experience of growing a bonsai tree. That frequently results in internet searches for ‘bonsai basics’.┬áSearching for information on how to care for a bonsai is much better than simply treating it as a houseplant and hoping for the best!
Remember that a bonsai [...]

Bonsai Kits

When starting out with bonsai many people choose to buy bonsai kits. These provide some basic tools and equipment to get going with caring for your bonsai tree.
The content of bonsai kits varies greatly, depending on the seller. Some kits are solely tool based and include scissors, shears, branch cutter, knob cutter, wire cutter, root [...]

Bonsai Help

If you’re looking for some bonsai help consider going along to a bonsai event or demonstration. You’ll meet lots of people interested in growing bonsai, many of whom will have been caring for bonsai for many years.
Last weekend the ‘Joy of Bonsai’ event was held in Bath in the U.K. It was a great weekend [...]

Bonsai Plant Care

People who are relatively new to bonsai usually have many questions about bonsai plant care. Quite often they will have been given a gift – perhaps a juniper bonsai tree or an elm bonsai tree – and they then want to find out about bonsai tree care.
There are lots of resources to help and I [...]

Boxwood Bonsai

Boxwood bonsai are not the most popular bonsai trees but have excellent potential. There is an abundance of foliage due to the short distance between leaves and it is easy to encourage the development of buds.
The leaves are an excellent size for bonsai and the roots will often exhibit strong surface growth.
There are many species [...]

Outdoor Bonsai – Pyracantha

If you want a colourful evergreen outdoor bonsai then you should consider Pyracantha. It produces a wonderful display of flowers and berries and provides year round colour.
The leaves are dark green and narrow and contrast with the small white to cream flowers which are abundant in late spring and summer. The flowers form in clusters [...]