Growing Bonsai

Bonsai Seedlings

It takes many years to grow a bonsai tree from seed but it is an immensely satisfying experience. To be able to nurture tiny bonsai seedlings to grow into mature bonsai trees is a real achievement. But it does require a lot of patience!
A few weeks ago I was at my local bonsai club meeting [...]

Bonsai Tips

Growing bonsai trees presents many challenges as well as giving great pleasure and a sense of achievement. There are many aspects to consider and the following bonsai tips will help to ensure that your bonsai trees develop to their full potential.
1. Watering. This is the single most important factor in maintaining healthy, thriving bonsai trees. Lack [...]

Bonsai for Beginners

Growing bonsai is a very rewarding hobby but it can be daunting for those just starting out. To help those who are keen to learn more here are my 5 ‘Bonsai for Beginners’ tips.
1. Don’t be put off by information overload. In the world of bonsai lack of information is not the problem! If you [...]

Bonsai from Seed

There are many different methods of growing bonsai trees. These include buying a ready-made mature bonsai, creating your own from garden centre stock, taking cuttings and air layering. However, if you have the patience it is possible to grow a bonsai from seed.
It can be a very rewarding experience to create a bonsai tree from [...]

Growing Bonsai Trees in India

For most people the art of bonsai is associated with Japan and its culture. Many would be surprised to hear of the popularity of growing bonsai trees in India.
But there are bonsai enthusiasts in many areas of India who create space on their balconies and terraces to grow bonsai trees.
Some have started on a very [...]