outdoor bonsai

Boxwood Bonsai

Boxwood bonsai are not the most popular bonsai trees but have excellent potential. There is an abundance of foliage due to the short distance between leaves and it is easy to encourage the development of buds.
The leaves are an excellent size for bonsai and the roots will often exhibit strong surface growth.
There are many species [...]

Outdoor Bonsai – Pyracantha

If you want a colourful evergreen outdoor bonsai then you should consider Pyracantha. It produces a wonderful display of flowers and berries and provides year round colour.
The leaves are dark green and narrow and contrast with the small white to cream flowers which are abundant in late spring and summer. The flowers form in clusters [...]

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

If you’re looking for an elegant bonsai with brilliant coloured autumn leaves and a graceful structure you need look no further than the Japanese maple bonsai tree.
Acer palmatum is a magnificent specimen and will be admired by your family and friends. It is a popular species with bonsai enthusiasts as it responds well to bonsai [...]

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Anyone who is new to growing bonsai will not go far wrong with a Chinese elm bonsai tree. Its growth pattern is predictable and it is easy to prune and shape as a bonsai. The broom style is popular but it can also be shaped into most bonsai styles. So it’s an ideal species on [...]

Outdoor Bonsai

Many different species of tree can be grown as bonsai and a large number are suitable for outdoor bonsai. These include familiar species such as pines, maples and juniper.
Trees are designed for the outdoors and thrive when they are exposed to seasonal changes of weather.  The rain, wind and sun are all important to the [...]